Choosing the Right Backpack


Backpack is one hell of important thing which can either ruin your trip completely or give you an altogether new level of comfort for the entire length of your tour, no matter how long and short it is. Pick a large backpack and it will add up lot of extra weight and will probably not fit into most of airline hand carry compartments, too small and you have to miss so many important things. Pick the Wrong material and all the stuff will be soaked when it rains.

It took me some couple of hours of internet searching for a good backpack which should accompany me for the next 6-8 years of my non-stop travels. The features i looked for a nice backpack were

Water Resistant 


One of the main feature i looked for was the material of the backpack. It should be 100% waterproof without a single drop entering inside the pack. it should able me to drop a complete cup of water on it and nothing gets wet inside. I have no plans to travel in the downpour or monsoon seasons but i could get caught with the unexpected showers in the way an

d i dont want my cloths inside the pack get wet.

Lockable Zippers


Just to make all my belongings safe, the big and the small compartments should be lockable so that i don’t have to fear about my money, passport,camera,laptop and other valuables being taken away by the pickpockets or someone putting anything inside my bag or nasty baggage handler at the airport taking something from the pack

Comfortable Hip Belt


A comfortable Hip belt with proper cushioning will make a journey more comfortable. I just focused on this very important aspect because a good Hip belt will not only provide extra support but also share the load of the backpack and distribute the load evenly on the entire body.

Shoulder Straps with Good Padding


To make shoulders free from any injury thick padded shoulder straps are must-to-have in any backpack. These pads should be made of single piece so that they don’t break and split into two and thin out.

Comfortable Cushioning at the Back


The major problem one can have while carrying a backpack is troubled back. In order to comfort your back and not to develope backache look for a thick padded back contours which can act as airy bags between the luggage compartment and the back to pass the air to keep you lightly cool.

Right Size


A Backpack with appropriate size to fit your torso and hold maximum of your belongings is the one to look for. it should not look like a tall building at your back and neither a small one overflowing your stuff and making you an odd figure. it should be able to hold all your all must-have stuff including jeans,T-shirts,pair of shoes, undergarments, socks, laptop, camera, passport, some important documents etc. it should feel nice at your back.

Multiple compartments


A pack with multiple compartments will make your life easy. Separate portions of all the things will give easy access to what you are looking for instead taking everything out just to find the lens of your camera

Strong Internal Frame 


Go for a backpack which is good in size and weigh very light and this is only possible if its made of a light but hard to break material. The main compartment is the one area which is going to have maximum of the weight of your stuff so prefer to have a backpack whose frame is very light and may be made of hard plastic or fibreglass.

How much money to be spent on a Backpack

This is the worrisome aspect of the entire talk, a good backpack with all the listed qualities would cost between 150-300 USD. There would be brands who have the extra whistles and  specs you dont need as a traveler so go for the main features which should make your travel a pleasant experience rather than extra makeup which will ultimately be hard on your pocket. The backpack i am looking for should not be more than 200 USD

Stay Tuned for the Top 5 Backpacks for the Backpackers